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Dr. Jason Taller, PhD. 

Therapy can include targeted change, rapid symptom relief, mindfulness and self-compassion skills, and deeper personal exploration and growth. Early in our lives, as we navigate suffering, we learn ways of being in the world – patterns of acting, thinking, and identifying. Sometimes, what worked then does not work now. Through greater awareness of thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, I help my clients explore what really works and learn new ways of responding to life’s challenges. With an understanding
of how patterns developed and served them in the past, my clients have more freedom and flexibility to define who they are and who they want to be.


I have been in the mental health field for over 20 years. I earned my Doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan and I am currently licensed with the College of Psychologists of Ontario
for work with Adults in both Clinical and Forensic populations. I have held clinical positions in general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, group practices, walk-in clinics, university student centres, private
practices, and federal institutions. I have worked with adult populations experiencing a wide range of challenges, including; depression, anxiety/stress, career difficulties, relationship issues, loss and grief, self-harm, trauma, and sexual addictions.

My practice is governed by evidence-based assessments/treatments and current empirical research findings. An effective therapeutic relationship is developed via collaboration with an eye towards
openness, honesty, and a commitment to change. My role is to facilitate the therapeutic process as my clients seek to make changes to improve functioning and well-being. I support and encourage change in a safe and confidential therapeutic atmosphere. I use an experiential treatment approach that incorporates cognitive behaviour therapy (specifically, rational emotive behaviour therapy), dialectical
behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, compassion-focused therapy, trauma focused therapy, gestalt therapy, and written exposure therapy. I endorse a strong emphasis on cultural sensitivity in the practice of psychology and attend to the complexities associated with issues of difference, diversity, cultural identity, sexual orientation, gender, and the social-political-cultural contexts that influence psychological problems. My goals go beyond symptom reduction to help clients cultivate richness and meaning in their lives. My hope is that clients can learn to lead their lives with greater intention and vitality.

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